Bruce Langevin

Bruce Langevin

Keynote - Best Selling Author, Speaker and Independent Business Advisor

Overview of Keynote Address:

Bruce will have you questioning many of your basic leadership assumptions. Discover how to adapt and hone your leadership skills with Bruce’s remarkably insightful solutions.


After 20+ years of progressive leadership with 15+ years in the Canadian Federal, as an executive and thought leader, CIO and transformation Executive, Bruce has turned his attention to full-time writing, speaking, leadership training and business advisory services. Focusing his work on his long-term passion for leadership development, has led to an ongoing focus on exploring current leadership topics through his leadership blog The Modern, and his newly released book – Leadership Hack: Leading the Millennial Tribe.

Bruce offers two decades of achievements navigating change, guiding process and personnel improvements, and pursuing successful leadership approaches to establish a new model for today’s workplace.

Author of Leadership Hack: Leading the Millennial Tribe

With the Millennial generation being the largest age group to enter the work force since the Baby Boomers, the workplace of today isn’t what it used to be. As a leader, if you don’t understand what makes Millennials tick, you’re heading onto dangerous ground, which as the author succinctly states is ‘fraught with peril.’

Keynote Speaker – Bruce Langevin

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