Bruce Linton

Bruce Linton

Keynote - Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, Canopy Growth Corporation

Overview of Keynote Address:

Interested in seeing what Tweed sees that perhaps others don’t? Interested in knowing what is it about Lanark County that attracted Tweed and what can others learn from that assessment? Come and learn from the lessons that Tweed might be able to share that you can use in your own economic and business development plans.


Mr. Linton is the founder of Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) and co-founder of Tweed Marijuana Inc. Bruce’s primary focus has been to position cannabis brands in a competitive market and to raise the capital necessary to fund such operations. Bruce’s experience as a founder, CEO, and Board member across a wide variety of enterprises has influenced the positive start of Canopy Growth, which to date has enjoyed market support for capital raises of over $150 million and the distinction of being the first company in the industry to be offered debt instruments by a federal lender. Bruce has led three M&A transactions valued over $500 million total since founding CGC. In addition to his leadership responsibility at Canopy Growth, Bruce is the CEO of communications company Martello Technologies. After beginning his career at Newbridge Networks Corporation, he has since held positions that include General Manager and Re-Founder of, President and Co-Founder of webHancer Corp, and part of the establishing team at CrossKeys Systems Corporation. He was also part of the leadership team for the NASDAQ/TSX initial public offering at CrossKeys. Bruce has been responsible for the acquisition and/or disposition of over $600 million in business assets, and has established regular engagement with the World Bank and Asia Development Bank while focused on markets in India, Philippines, China, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. He is the past Chairman of the Ottawa Community Loan Foundation, past Board Member and Treasurer of Canada World Youth past Board of Governor for Carleton University, past President of the Nepean Skating Club and past President of the Carleton University Students Association.

Keynote Speaker – Bruce Linton

Matheson Hall

Bruce Linton, Canopy Growth Founder and CEO