Mark Zekulin

Mark Zekulin

Keynote - President, Canopy Growth Corporation

Overview of Keynote Address:

Interested in seeing what Tweed sees that perhaps others don’t? Interested in knowing what is it about Lanark County that attracted Tweed and what can others learn from that assessment? Come and learn from the lessons that Tweed might be able to share that you can use in your own economic and business development plans.


Mark is the President of Canopy Growth Corporation. With Tweed since its inception, Mark has been a key driver of the Tweed and Canopy Growth vision, ensuring that patients and healthcare practitioners choose Canopy companies as their trusted source of marijuana for medical purposes. This includes overseeing medical and patient outreach strategy, driving operations and advancing corporate market strategy.

A graduate from the University of Waterloo in Mathematics, the University of Ottawa in Law, and the University of Cambridge in International Law, Mark has previously kept himself busy providing legal, political and strategic advice to high- profile local and international corporate clients, most recently as Counsel at the Ottawa-Washington international trade law firm of Cassidy Levy Kent. Previously, Mark has served as a Senior Advisor to the Honourable Dwight Duncan, the Ontario Minister of Finance, and has worked internationally at the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).