Penny Dockrill

Penny Dockrill

Workshop Presenter - Human Resources Officer, Algonquin College

Penny Dockrill studied Psychology at Carleton and Ottawa Universities and proceeded to work in the mental health industry for a number of years before making the move to private industry to focus on the business side of HR. Continuing with her passion for people and HR, Penny currently works at Algonquin College in their Human Resources department focusing on Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition and Performance Management.


Engagement Session:

In this session, we’ll explore the concept of employee engagement:

– What it is and what it isn’t
– How to increase engagement for both management and employees
– What can employees (including managers, because they’re employees too!) do to increase their own engagement
– How recruiting and retention efforts impact engagement


Part of the discussion will include how we can best gather data to support workplace changes that may increase overall engagement.

Workshop – Employee Engagement

Workshop 2 – Employee Engagement