Marc Nadeau

Marc Nadeau


What will be covered:

  1. Understanding why staff contracts and flexible company handbooks keep you in control of your business
  2. Discover how recent changes to Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, including the repeal to Bill 148 (Bill 47) will affect your policies
  3. Learn how to keep your staff, customers and the general public safe
  4. Gain knowledge about the latest policies for 2019 and beyond including cannabis in the workplace
  5. Master ways to win back your time, boost staff productivity and achieve business growth
  6. In addition, we will also be providing exclusive employers & directors pack which includes sample guides and policies to help protect and grow business.

Over the past 8 years Marc Nadeau has worked in different Corporate environments in management and entrepreneurial roles. He knows too well how difficult dealing with employees can be and the importance of clear policies to help owners and managers stay in control of their business. After getting sued for Wrongful Dismissal by an employee, he learned the term: “If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist” and what it meant for an employer.

Today, Marc and his team at Peninsula Canada are educating and supporting local business owners showing them what they need to have in place in order to be and stay compliant with Ministry of Labour regulations and how to reduce potential liabilities around employee relations/management.

Workshop 3 – Are you Compliant? Policy Development in the ever-changing Labour and Employment Market

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